So you want to know more about me huh?  Well I’ll never tell!  You’ll get nothing out of me!….Ok I guess maybe a little won’t be too damning.  I am an aspiring writer though my day job is in a clinical laboratory.  I have a Bachelors in Science, a Masters in Public Health, and a passion to write fantasy.  I’ve written stories for as far back as I can remember, but I have only just recently made real headway in writing an actual novel, entitled The Faithful.  The book I’m writing is going to be a fantasy novel based in the South.  The story follow the lives of two women in their mid-twenties who work for a mysterious company which has employed them to kill monsters, beasts and other general baddies. I love Southern Gothic and magical realism so I hope that The Faithful will give off that flavor to readers.  I am writing this book with a friend and we plan to e-publish.  So I guess if you like blood hounds, ghosts, abandoned houses, screen doors, dark pasts, the journey to self-publishing, etc. then maybe you will want to follow this blog.


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