Hellooooooooo Blogosphere!

To WriteOK so here’s the deal.  I’ve never had a blog before.  That’s right I’m a newbie, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while.  I’m not really sure that anyone will care to read anything I have to say, but I guess it’s never stopped me before.

So if you happen to stumble upon this blog, here’s what I can offer: I am a writer by hobby (unfortunately not by trade…yet).  I am working on my very first novel and I plan to self publish.  So I plan on posting on here the trials and errors that I go through while I try to finish my first novel and e-publish.  I am writing this novel with a friend and we are a third of the way through writing the first book in a series that we have plotted out to be 6 books so far.  Also, I constantly try to see writing inspiration in my everyday life…so the plan is that randomly I’ll photograph or describe what the normal daily thing was that gave me inspiration and some little blurb of writing that came from it.

I have to say that one of the hardest things about writing is putting yourself out there for another to judge, and so I ask you, my dear blog friends, to not be too harsh.