Southern Inspiration: The Lunar Moth

I think that nature plays an essential role when living in the south.  There are hunters everywhere, home gardens are often relied upon to supply the majority of food and people live in the middle of the woods/mountains/swamp (miles from others). Well this idea is especially evident in my life since spring has started. 

My mother’s home is surrounded by a dense hardwood forest and since spring has come the wood is teeming with life.  It is now the time of year that lunar moths come out *see above*.  The wingspan on one of these guys is about 4.5 inches (they’re about the size of a bird).  Now while I think they really are beautiful, they also freak me out!  I mean it’s a bug the size of a bird for crying out loud! I have this irrational fear that they will fly into my hair:

I think that nature has played such a significant role in the south that it has taken on a kind of mystical quality.  Superstitions and old wives tales have sprung up for things ranging from the promise of guests depending on the direction a bird flies to whether fishing will be any good depending if the cows are lying down or standing.  I’m sure that other places around the country and world have similar superstitions.  However, it seems that down here these superstitions are still alive and well. 

All this talk of superstitions and old wives tales made me curious about the moth and whether there were any beliefs about it.  Well apparently there are a few: 

Many believe moths bring bad luck when trapped in the left hand.

It’s been said that when a large black moth appears, it symbolizes a deceased loved one who is visiting.

If a moth flies around you at night, it means that you will recieve a letter.

In some cultures, it is a superstition that a white moth in a house or trying to get in a sign that a death will come to the family.

Also, apparently some believe that a moth is the soul of a witch. 

Whatever the superstitions are, everytime I see this moth I feel as though I have been transported to some primal place where the extinct, giant animals of old still persist. 

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The Problem with Synopsises?…Synopsi?…Synopses?


Ok so to start out I thought that the first actual post will deal with the synopsis of the book I am currently working on.  I thought that this would be a good way to relay what the book I’m working on is about and to discuss the troubles in self-publishing.  First, let me give you the synopsis I’ve created and then I’ll relay to you my doubts and anger!

The Faithful: Hands of the Watchman

2 Women.  1 Company.  The 1 revenge that spawned countless deaths.

Beau and Lucy are two ordinary twenty-somethings working for a well-known company doing boring sales and marketing assessments across the U.S….wait no, that’s wrong.  That is the lie they tell their families.  Lucy and Beau actually have a very horrifying job.  Their job?  Killing monsters.  Traveling the U.S., while on the payroll of the illustrious and powerful Oracle Foundation, they have fought countless beasts, ghosts and devils.  They are among the ranks of The Faithful, an elite group of professionals that hunt the supernatural.  Their lives are secrets.  A secret job kept from their families, the secret existence of the supernatural kept from the public, and a personal secret kept from their coworkers and mysterious employers.  And it is this secret that will lead the pair home to face their pasts, the reasons they now work for the Oracle Foundation, and the dark, and often bloody, subject of revenge.

Ok now that is what I have come up with so far for the book’s synopsis. The above is a product of me thinking and worrying for the past two months.  I think that the synopsis of a book is so very, very, very, very, extremely, very important.  And this matter brings me to the crux of a self-publishing authors dilemma.  A self-published author is not simply a writer.  No. They have to edit, market and promote their work.  So we must be able to attract the reader with an attention grabbing cover and have them purchase it with an intriguing synopsis.  It is not the plotting of my novel that keeps me up at night, its this subtle art of intrigue used to lure people into this world I’ve created.
So the way I see it, there are a few things that you should consider when creating a synopsis.


1. You need an attention grabbing tag line.

 – Pique their curiosity or they won’t even read the synopsis


2. You need to describe the plot, but…


3. You can’t give too much away.

–  Got to leave them wanting more.


4. You can’t be too vague.

– Keep the synopsis in context.


5. Keep it succinct!

– Cut out any unimportant details.


This synopsis took me so long to write because I need it to make a person WANT to read my book.  There has to be a perfect balance in this synopsis.  I need to leave out enough information for curiosity to be peaked but not leave out too much that it causes confusion.  And that being said I am still upset with this synopsis, if only for one reason: I really don’t know how people will respond to it.  So my fellow bloggers, what do you think?  Is it too vague?  Too short? Too long? Too (insert comment here)?… Well it’s a work in progress.